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Welcome to Microspec

Our Principle

MicroP Co. Ltd. is the company that specializes in manufacturing analyzers such as X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge and Elemental Analyzer that have been developed with state of the art. The X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge is designed to measure the coating thickness of semiconductor lead frames different type of connectors, PCBs. jewelry and etc. rapidly and precisely in a nondestructive.

The elemental analyzer is the X-ray fluorescent instru-ment that analyzes the inorganic substances qualitatively as well as quantitatively. It rapidly analyzes six harmful substances of RoHS including Cr, Pb, Cd. Hg, and CI in a nondestructive way. It is also effective in analyzing the components of jewelry or dental materials and in investi-gating harmful substances contained in the accessories.

The software built on the operating system of Microsoft is compatible with XP. Vista, and Window7 and is sched-uled to be upgraded in conformation with the new oper-ating system to be released in the future. We can also tailor-make products with special specifica-tions such as miniature collimator or high-precision servo motor that are not applicable to traditional models according to your special purposes and requirements. As the one of analyzer manufacturer, we are proudly committed to developing new products and contributin ikto the technological development of analyzers

Know About Us

Microspec like to introduce our self as leading suppliers of Analytical instruments across India. We have diversified product range for various sectors like Precious metals, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Research institutes, chemical industries, etc.

Microspec is having corporate office in Mysore along with sales office in Mumbai. This is in addition to our sales front in all parts of India. We have done a quite respectable performance in precious metal market, this was only possible due to the excellent sales and service team.

We provide quality instruments and excellent services support in analytical field. Our product range caters to almost all kinds of industrial segments where fast, reliable and accurate elemental analysis required. This phenomenal success is attributed to the Microspec’s unique sales pattern along with excellent service support. 

Microspec assures you accurate results, long life of components including X-ray Tube and Detector, Comprehensive Warranty program, competitive Prices and Assured availability of Genuine Spare parts both during and after Warranty period.We have head office in Mumbai along with Regional office in Bangalore. Our pan India operations with more then 12 service center make us most reliable brand in India for after sales service.

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