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Microwave Digestion

Functions and Features:

  1. The outer tank of Xtra Fiber, a high-strength composite fiber that will not burst, burst or tear, is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  2. Piezoelectric crystal pressure measurement technology to ensure that the main control tank is free of cross-contamination.
  3. Safety Bolt not only ensures safety but also high accuracy of test results
  4. Uni-Turn technology for continuous rotation of the digestion rotor in the same direction to increase uniformity and reliability.
  5. Rugged and durable industrial-grade furnace chamber structure strengthens the impact resistance of the furnace chamber.
  6. The high-strength alloy tank rack rotor allows the digestion tank to withstand higher pressure and digests insoluble samples.
  7. The UTH-Caro design of the high-throughput tank rack stirs the microwave magnetic field evenly during rotation to ensure uniform digestion of high-throughput samples.
  8. 15 minutes of rapid cooling of the digestion tank.
  9. The temperature measurement of the main control tank is combined with the infrared full tank temperature scanning to monitor the temperature in all the digestion tanks.
  10. Various supporting operating tools make the operation of high-throughput digestion easy and simple.
  11. A variety of rotors and digestion tanks meet the needs of various types of users.


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