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XRF Coating Thickness & RoHS Analyzer – 2020R Series


MicroP XRF – 2020 Series

  • Coating Thickness Gauge
  • RoHS Screening
  • Elemental Analysis

Optional: Polycapillary optics for Micro spots from 10um to 70um


  • Precious metal alloy analysis
  • Qualitative analysis for upto 30 elements
  • Trace analysis of hazardous material
  • Single & Multi layer coating thickness with elemental composition
  • Ultra thin Tri-layer Au/Pd/Ni/Cu & Au-Ag, Pd, Ni,Cu
  • Plating bath analysis
  • Hazardous material detection, RoHS, WEEE & ELV optimized applications
  • Measures Liquids, solids, powders, films & irregular shapes

Key Specifications:

  • Micro-Focus, Oil cooled X-ray tube make Canon, Japan
  • Polycapillary optics for Micro spots from 10um to 70um
  • Detectors: Proportional counter / Si-Pin / SDD
  • Collimators: Automatic multi collimators upto 6 from 0.1mm to 4mm
  • Filters upto 6 motorized, primary X-ray filters
  • Programmable XYZ sample stage, Optional Manual

Key Features:

  • Exclusive shutterless design extends X-ray tube life
  • Automatic chamber temperature regulation
  • Point & measure automatic parts positioning
  • Laser focus feature
  • Auto stage forward for easy parts loading
  • 2-D & 3-D plating thickness mapping
  • Automatic X-ray beam alignment

Type Models:

Type PC –

  • Proportional Counter detector
  • Single, Double & Multi layer Thickness
  • Analysis upto 30 Elements

Type R – 

  • Si-Pin / SDD detectors
  • Coating Thickness, RoHS & WEEE
  • Hazardous Material Analysis
  • Ultra thin Tri-Layers

Type Polycapillary – 

  • Large window SDD detector
  • Micro-Spot polycapillary optic
  • Small beam size of 10um to 70um


General Specification

Size of Chamber 2020H 610W×670D×600H
Size of Chamber 2020L 610W×550D×30H
Size of Chamber 2020PCB 610W×670D×490H
Maximum allowable weight 3 – 5 Kg


Input Power AC220V±10% 50/60㎐
Communication method USB
Temperature control Automatic temperature control of Preamp and chamber
Focus Precise control by laser
Sample location Settlement of location by laser
Safety device Shutoff of X-ray within 0.5 second of recognizing the door opening during the measurement
Dose rate 1㎕Sv or less

Multi-channel analyzer

Number of channels 8K(8192)
Temperature control Preamp with automatic temperature control
Pulse processing Rapid processing using micro computer

X-Ray Source

Tube Microfocus, oil cooled 50Kv, 1mA, X-Ray tube
High-voltage current 0~50kV(program control)
Tube current 0~1mA(program control)
Target W(Mo, Be window option)


Collimator Automatic Multi collimators upto 7
Size of Fixed type Selection among 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 2, 4 & 0.1×0.4 mm (other sizes available)
Size of Automatic type Selection among 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 2, 4 & 0.1×0.4 mm (other sizes available)

Detection System

Detector Proportional counter / Si-Pin / Silicon Drift Detector SDD
Detector Filter Co, (Ni option)
Primary Filter Motorised 6 filters Mo, Ta, Ti, Ni, Al

Computer System

Computer Latest Compatible computer
Monitor 21 inch LCD monitor
Printer Inkjet color printer

Measurement of 2D3D and random location

2D Measurement of products or planes with a certain interval
3D Measurement of coating distribution status of a plane
Random location Measurement of products with irregular arrangement

X-Y-Z Stage

Activation method
  • High speed with flexible adjustment
  • High precision motor control
Location control
  • Location control by mouse
  • Location control by stage control window
  • Point and shop of the camera screen
  • 2D3D, random location window location control
  • Location control by program
  • Y-axis movement control by door open & close

Camera System

Camera Digital CCD color camera
Display method Overlay on the monitor
Ruler Display by software
Beam Display of life-size by software
Lamp Flexible control of brightness
Automatic adjustment Automatic adjustment of Beam axis and camera axis

Calibration curve

Application Single-layer, double-layer, alloy thickness and ratio, solution
Correction Density correction, background correction by recalibration, correction of standard sample

Statistical processing

Processing items Maximum, minimum, scope of fluctuation, average, standard deviation, X-bar charge, range chart, histogram
Report Five different types of report
Number of processing items Up to 90 report items
Logo Insertion of corporate logos including picture and text
Preview Preview before printout to prevent unnecessary printout

Qualitative analysis

Display method Display of spectrum of element
Method Qualitative analysis through ROI range method
Display of element Display of label of designated element
Magnify A desired portion can be magnified
Avg function Soft display of spectrum
Screen size Resizing screen from smallest to the fullest on a continuous basis



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