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MS Gold GT


High-End Proportional Counter machine that can detect Ir, Ru & Os in Gold

Other Details

  • Detector: High-End Proportional counter make Toshiba, Japan
  • Micro Focus, Oil cooled X-Ray tube, 50KV 1mA make Toshiba, Japan
  • Top to Bottom Geometry
  • Manual sample stage
  • Detects Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Cd, Ir, Ru, Os
  • Accuracy better than 0.3%


Exclusive Shutterless design Extends Tube Life
Unlike other X-ray systems, MicroP XRF generates X-ray only while taking measurements. Since the X-ray tube completely shuts off between measurements, there is no need for a mechanical shutter.
Less X -ray tube use equals cooler operating temperatures and longer tube life.

Chamber Temperature Regulation
Another first in X-ray design is the exclusive cooling controls which maintain consists temperature of key system electronics. Measurement stability is further enhanced by the reduction in temperature variation.


First ever compact, Top to bottom Proportional counter machine with Oil cooled Microfocus x-ray tube


Toshiba Japan make high-end X-Ray tube and detector with advanced software and calibration makes it possible to detect impurities like Ir, Ru & Os in Gold.


Adjustable manual sample stage for effectively testing of ornaments


General Specification

Brand MicroP Co.,Ltd
Model MS Gold GT
Measuring Direction Top to Bottom
Detector High-End Proportional Counter detector make Toshiba Japan
X Ray Tube Micro Focus, oil cooled make Toshiba Japan
Accuracy 0.3%
Element Range Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Cd, Ir, Ru, Os
Aperture Collimator 0.6 mm
Radiation Protection Yes

Electrical Data & Environmental Conditions

Power supply and consumption 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, max. 200 W
Operating temperature 20 °C – 27 °C

Sample Alignment & Stage

Sample positioning Manual Adjustable Sample Stage
Video microscope High-resolution CCD colour camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location along with laser focus.
Maximum Sample Weight 3 Kgs


External dimensions D400 x H425 x W400 mm
Weight  approx. 35 Kg

X-Ray Source

X-ray tube Microfocus, Oil cooled, 50 Kva, make Toshiba Japan
Aperture (Collimator) Fixed 0.6 mm

X-Ray Detection

Detector type High-End Proportional counter detector make Toshiba Japan



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