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1. It adopts high-resolution digital camera, which is automatically detected by image processing and analysis, and has a playback function.
2. Simultaneous measurement of 3(MTP-630)/5(MTP-650) capillaries
3. Built-in WINDOWS operating system, simple, convenient, intuitive and clear, and can be connected to the printer.
4. The temperature control system uses platinum resistance with high linearity as the detection element, which improves the accuracy and reliability of the melting point.
5. The instrument has two functions: automatic measurement and manual visual measurement, allowing you to clearly grasp the continuous change process of the sample, and mutually verify the accuracy of automatic testing and visual measurement.
6. The instrument can measure dark samples or opaque samples, and has a multi-point calibration function. Test data can be saved, exported, and uploaded.
7. Contains functions such as user hierarchical management, electronic signature, password management, network transmission, data protection and traceability.


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