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High efficient-cost model, semi automatic operation.
Full built-in integrated dispersion system
Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed
Advanced Detector Design improves testing efficiency&resolution

As high efficient-cost model, PSA-L2000 laser particle size analyzer with wet dispersion is most economical and popular since launched. After more than ten years of tests and numerous technical improvements, the structure and software are very mature and perform stably,  meeting industrial testing general requirements.

Semi-automatic&User-friendly one-key operation
Water inflow, dispersion,test and analysis are controlled automatically.
Multi-language Support, Chinese&English (Others are available)
Perfect accuracy and precision guaranteed
Excellent data processing ensures test result accuracy in different situations
User-defined Analysis
Unique unconstrained free fitting technology, make particle analysis not restricted by any function, truly reflect particles distribution, ensure the good accuracy.
Advanced Detector Design improves measurement limit&resolution.
Converging light Fourier transform light path, efficiently improve resolution ratio of sub-micron particles.


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