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PSA-LD3008 is intelligent dry laser particle size analyzer, supporting both manual and full automatic operation modes. Based on MIE scattering principle, Converging light Fourier transform light path, Highly stable He-Ne laser and High sensitive ring photoelectric detector, it guarantees good repeatability and accuracy.It uses air as dispersion medium, and use turbulent dispersion principle with High precision feeding device, patent powder spray pump and oil-free silent gas source to guarantee the samples to be fully dispersed. It’s fit for any dry powder materials, especially the powder that takes chemical reaction with water or changes its shape in liquid. It has same accuracy and repeatability compared to the wet laser particle size analyzer.

Highly improved resolution
A patented technique of Fourier transform
High precision-automatic optical path calibration system
Human-based operation mode
Manual and Full automatic, easy to choose.
Multiple results
Extended lifespan
Wearable ceramics improve dispersion system’s working life.


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