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SP-LIF 450


1. Simple operation, no sample pre-treatment, no sample destruction.
2. 900nm-2500nm ultra-wide spectral range, fast analysis speed. Multiple component indicators can be detected simultaneously within 1 minute, such as moisture, fat, protein, and amino acids.
3. The core main parts are all international well-known brands.
4. Built-in high-quality PTFE reference module and polystyrene wavelength standard film, automatic reference correction and wavelength monitoring, to ensure accurate and stable measurement results.
5. Equipped with integrating sphere diffuse reflection system, large sampling spot and sample rotating table to ensure the reproduction effect of uneven samples.
6. Good model transfer can be carried out between multiple instruments. Each instrument is calibrated, identified and verified in strict accordance with industry recommendations. All tests use NIST traceable standards.
7. A variety of sample cups and accessories can be selected to meet the test of particles, powders, liquids and films.
8. The instrument monitors the environmental temperature and humidity in real time and stores it in the spectrum file, which is convenient for users to consult and optimize the measurement conditions.
9. Simple operation, intuitive user interface, and the authority management function can meet the needs of different occasions.
10. Combined with China Agricultural University’s Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis Software (CAUNIRS), an authoritative professional NIR quantitative and qualitative analysis model can be established. Compact instrument structure and open working platform, easy for cleaning.

Convenient and easy to use
1. Simple operation control
No chemical reagents, no pre-treatment, directly put the sample into the sample cup. Simple operation, with a single tap, the experiment can be completed quickly, which avoid test errors caused by operation. Built-in background, no manual operation, the influence of human interference is eliminated.
2. Friendly interface software
Simple operation, intuitive interface, and the function is powerful. It contains comprehensive and extensive data collection, preprocessing, evaluation and other functions, and the required installation package can be configured to meet actual needs. The functions of “User Settings” and “User Management” have also been expanded to facilitate users to customize the operator’s use authority.
3. Convenient maintenance
The structure of the instrument is compact and exquisite, and the working platform is easy to clean. The consumables (light source and desiccant) are designed for long-life, but if they need to be replaced, the user can quickly complete the replacement in a short time without opening the instrument.

Personalized function
1. Model establishment and optimization
Adopting the near-infrared spectroscopy software (CAUNIRS) developed by China Agricultural University, this software integrates a variety of modeling methods and powerful data preprocessing functions, with powerful model editing, calculation, evaluation, and optimization functions, which can be easily and quickly provided for users Establish an authoritative and professional near-infrared quantitative analysis model or qualitative identification analysis model, and follow-up model maintenance services.
2. Model delivery
The ultra-high accuracy and stability of the instrument ensure that the models between multiple instruments can be easily transferred, and resource sharing is realized.
3. Instrument calibration
The built-in standard material of the instrument is controlled by the Prolab S450 software, which automatically completes the self-test of the instrument’s performance, and provides indicators and evaluations of the instrument’s performance to ensure that the instrument is operating normally and standardized.
According to the actual verification needs of users, the company can also provide a complete set of quality standard verification materials, and customize verification procedures through Prolab SP-LIF450 to meet different verification needs.
Meet the audit standards of the enterprise, and are recognized as the most professional supplier of spectrometers, and provide each user with a complete set of instrument certification information.
4. Perfect service
The company has a multi-dimensional service team with instrument development and complete technology, which can help users familiarize themselves with the use of sampling accessories, the selection of optical components, and software operations. It can also be tailored to provide users with solutions according to their needs. In addition, it has established application laboratories in cooperation with many domestic universities and research institutes, responsible for user method development, technical training, and information consultation.
The company owns experienced maintenance engineers to provide the most professional installation and commissioning and high-level after-sales service for users across the country to meet the needs of every user.


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