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SP-LUV 7600


1. Continuously variable spectral bandwidth:
The instrument’s spectral bandwidth is continuously variable from 0.5nm to 6nm, the minimum bandwidth is 0.5nm, and the variable interval is 0.1nm, which not only ensures excellent spectral resolution, but also provides a variety of bandwidth options, which can better match the analysis and test targets.
2. Ultra-low stray light:
Excellent C-T monochromator optical system, advanced electronic system, to ensure ultra-low stray light level better than 0.03%, to meet the user’s measurement needs of high absorbance samples.
3. High-quality devices:
The core devices are made of high-quality imported parts to ensure the stability and longevity of the instrument. For example, the core light source device is derived from the long-life deuterium lamp of Hamamatsu in Japan, which guarantees a working life of more than 2000 hours, greatly reducing the maintenance frequency and cost of daily replacement of the light source of the instrument.
4. Long-term stability and reliability:
The design of the optical dual-beam optical system, coupled with real-time digital proportional feedback signal processing, effectively offsets the signal drift of light sources and other devices, ensuring the long-term stability of the instrument baseline.
5. High wavelength accuracy:
The high-level wavelength scanning mechanical system ensures the accuracy of wavelengths better than 0.3nm and the repeatability of wavelengths better than 0.1nm. The instrument uses the built-in spectral characteristic wavelengths to automatically perform wavelength detection and correction to ensure long-term wavelength accuracy stability.
6. Light source replacement is convenient:
The instrument can be replaced without removing the shell. The light source switching mirror supports the function of automatically finding the best position. The in-line deuterium tungsten lamp design does not require optical debugging when replacing the light source.
7. Instrument is rich in functions:
The instrument is equipped with a 7-inch large-screen color touch LCD screen, which can perform wavelength scanning, time scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, quantitative analysis, etc., and supports the storage of methods and data files. View and print the map. Easy to use, flexible and efficient.
8. Powerful PC software:
The instrument is connected to the computer via USB. The online software supports multiple functions such as wavelength scanning, time scanning, kinetic testing, quantitative analysis, multi-wavelength analysis, DNA / RNA analysis, instrument calibration, and performance verification. Support user authority management, operation traceability, and meet various requirements in different analysis fields such as pharmaceutical companies.


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