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Service & Support

Maximize the return on your investment. Maximize system uptime.

MICROCARE M2M (Machine to Machine) is a unique and powerful service offered by Microspec to prevent instrument breakdown through continuous remote monitoring of warning and error messages generated by your instrument’s critical components. In combination with MICROCARE Preventative Maintenance, breakdown risk can be dramatically reduced.

MICROCARE M2M keeps Microspec informed of your instrument’s status. Profit from these important resulting benefits: 

  • Decreased risk of breakdown 
  • Faster support response 
  • Reduced repair times

Ensuring peak performance and maximum return on investment over the life of your equipment

We will deliver this by

  • Proactively maintaining your equipment to maximize availability
  • Optimizing solutions to meet your unique applications
  • Enhancing user skills by providing access to product and application experts


Microspec Instruments Pvt. Ltd. manages a large and tightly-linked network of service engineers and experts who are well-versed in setup, maintenance, training & calibration. Their ongoing support allows us to sustain reliability, innovation and precision of Microspec products all across the world.

Microspec Instruments S-Assist service is avaliable round the clock to support the worldwide activities that flows from our competence center. It is the result of dacades of experience supporting customers around the globe.

Microspec Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has a team of competent and trained Engineers who ensure quick and efficient pre and after sales services. Availability of spare parts from the stock in India, installation and commissioning, maintenance, overhauls, information, advice and training are some of the services offered by Microspec Instruments with their qualified and trained team of engineers.

We also provide ON SITE Services and AMC support within Complete Indian Subcontinent.

  • We have dedicated Service Manager to take all service calls and resolve all problems within time.
  • We adopt latest technology for quick & responsive services like Remote desktop Service (online Services Support System)
  • We use Technology like Remote support gives us facility to Establish incoming and outgoing remote desktop and computer-to-computer connections for real-time support or access to files Applications for software installation, maintenance and Application corrections etc. which saves lots of time saves lots of time
  • In Most of service cases it can be trouble shoot over Online support (Remote support or over the phone)
  • We have 24*7 helpline number

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